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Ongrid Solar System

For individual homes, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, corporate offices & industrial sector. We make your roof that works for you. Reduce your electricity bills up to 80% for 25-30 years by setting up Solar Power Plant under the Net Metering Scheme of Govt. of India. Produce electricity for self-use and give the excess energy to Govt.

On Grid Roof Top Solar Power Plant is used for load requirement during day time the sun is available. In this solar power plant, the inverter converts the current power into alternate current power that flows to the utility grid connected with the load, the main electrical usage.

The grid connect inverter converts the DC electricity produced by the solar panels into 240 V AC electricity, which can then be used by the property/household. If a grid connect system is producing more power than is being consumed, the surplus is fed into the mains power grid to Govt. Govt will adjust the same in your next electricity bill or pay you for the same.

Advantage On-Grid Solar System

  • Solar with grid connection with Net metering benefits.
  • Govt. Subsidies are available 30%.
  • Utilise the 100% power and supply to Govt. if solar power is not in use.
  • This Solar system will reduce power and diesel consumption. This is the most common type of system for larger power consumers.
  • On-Grid Solar system fully utilises the solar in first priority and then remaining power take from the grid.
  • An on-Grid solar power system becomes the most viable. It saves on both electricity cost and diesel bills.
  • This system is just connected to the meter and becomes a seamless part of the grid.
  • This is the most economically viable system where battery bank is not required.
  • Savings from the system lead to a payback period of up to 5 years. After that, you get free power for more than 20 years.
  • When the power goes off, you will still need to run the generator but your fuel consumption will be lower.

Space Required 100 Sq'Ft Per KW

Electricity Load In Kws Unit Generations in 1 Year Unit Generation per day Panel in watts Invertor In Kw Approx. Required Area Sq ft
2KW 3000 9.0 250WP*8 2 200
3KW 4500 13.5 250WP*12 3 300
4KW 6000 18 250WP*16 4 400
5KW 7500 23 250WP*20 5 500
10KW 15000 45 250WP*40 10 1000
15KW 22500 67.5 250WP*60 15 1500
20KW 30000 90 250WP*80 20 2000
25KW 35000 113 250WP*100 25 2500
30KW 40500 135 250WP*120 30 3000
50KW 67500 225 250WP*200 50 5000

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